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Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The other day I was giving some of our Korean students a ride to school. Sarah, an eight year old grade three student was one of them. She came to Foundation and spent a year with us back in 2010. She loved Foundation so much that when she returned home to Korea, she pleaded with her parents to come back again to Foundation. This past November Sarah and her mom returned and are spending another four months with us.

Sarah’s English usage and ability has become exceptional. She speaks with hardly an accent and puts her sentences together as quickly as she thinks. 

On the way to school that day I could hear Sarah, in the back seat quietly rehearsing her poem which she was to deliver later that morning at our school’s annual speech competition. I asked her to speak louder so that I could hear her poem. Without a word of hesitation she began, with a confidence, manner and tone as if she were delivering her poem to the judges. But it wasn’t the poem I was expecting! She said:

“The title of my poem is:   ‘Pastor Kranz is Weird’

 by Sarah Kim.

Pastor Kranz is weird.

He always forgets things, like forgetting to pick us up in the morning.

He talks a lot about cookies, but never gives us any.

When he drives us in the car he talks, talks, talks, blah, blah, blah.

He tells us he is coming for dinner, but then he doesn’t show up…but that’s probably a GOOD thing!

Pastor Kranz is weird

by Sarah Kim.

I admit I had no comeback! Seems she had my number!

I love the spontaneity of children. The loss of a spontaneous spirit is often one of the hazards of advancing years and maturity. Children are so completely unencumbered by adult convention. They put it all out there without hesitation. They respond genuinely and spontaneously to the circumstances around them, and leave nothing for interpretation. They are the real thing!

So many times in this position of Headmaster I think of the verse in Psalm 127 where it says:  Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.   

This morning during worship here at school, we were singing a song that the children were really getting into. I am always so blessed to be at the front leading worship, with a full view of the faces before me and the voices lifted high in praise. When we got to the chorus of this particular song, it concluded in a powerful way with the following words:  Our God is greater, Our God is stronger,  God you are higher than any other,  Our God is Healer, Awesome in power, Our God, Our God.

It was at this point that I glanced over at the grade one class. There was little Abby, the tiniest one in our grade one class, her eyes closed and head tilted upward, arms raised high in the air, hands wide open ready to receive, singing the words like they were coming from her inward soul, in full devotion praising her God!

Later I had a chance to speak with her and tell her how special it was for me to see her worshipping and praising like that. She looked at me and said with conviction, “That’s because I really love God!”

When it comes time for me to move on from here, and I think back to my years at Foundation, this will be one of those precious memories that will stay with me and lift my spirit.

If I could reach back in time, and recapture something of what it was to be a child again, I think I would choose to reclaim that spontaneous spirit that once was mine, and that Abigail and Sarah so bountifully possess.

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