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Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Pray for little Alexis, niece of Lisa and Jeremiah Jacky, who will be having major surgery tomorrow. Pray for wisdom and skill for the surgeons, strength and healing for Alexis, and confident hope for her family.

Please pray for the father-in-law of Sheri Leeder, our resource teacher. Sheri’s father-in-law Bill faces some very serious health challenges and the family have now been called upon to make some hard decisions. Pray for wisdom, for clarity and for healing. 

Pray for students and teachers as they work to bring to a close our second term of study. 

Pray for the continued presence of the Holy Spirit with our students and staff, that the efforts of the school may be blessed and infused with grace as we complete the sixth year of our mission.

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