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Worth Reading!

Worth Reading!

Worth Reading!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

The following is a personal testimony of Andrea, well known and taught by many of our staff, whose life was changed through attending a Christian school!

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Christian education pushed me towards academic excellence. I developed a vigorous work ethic and strove to achieve my personal best. This is a characteristic that has greatly helped me though my high school experience and continues to do so in my undergraduate studies.

While there are clear academic benefits from my time in the Christian education system, the academics are only the start of it. Because of my time spent in the Christian system I was able to learn about a God of love and grace that I had never heard of before. From being surrounded by Christ centered teachers, staff and students, I developed a desire to have my own personal relationship with this God who clearly played a huge role in the lives of the people surrounding me. After my first year I dedicated my life to Christ and have never looked back. God has blessed me with relationships I’ve formed in those years that have lasted to this day and exist to glorify Him. I attended a Christian school for only 2 years of my compulsory education. Those two years changed my life.


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