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From one of our grads

From one of our grads

From one of our grads

Monday, March 19th, 2012

It’s been almost 6 years since I graduated from Foundation Christian School, and I am currently attending Conestoga College. Having experienced both private and public schools, I have come to appreciate the blessedness of this particular school. There is such a family aspect surrounding the students and staff that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Because my current course of study allows for free Mondays, I have been given the pleasure of working for Foundation’s Before School Care program. I really enjoy supervising the students in the morning. They are all really excited and give me lots of great laughs. Not only that, but this job has been very eye-opening into the world of teaching and I have felt really welcome. Many of the current teachers have taught me at some point, and it has been great getting to know them on a different level than as a student. Volunteering for various events, working here, and being in touch with the staff in this way has encouraged me to look into teaching as a possible career choice, and I am very excited to get started.

It’s easy to see that God has blessed this school and every single person in it. I have been a part of this school ever since it began in 2006, and have only seen it grow and develop. I am so happy that I have been able to grow and develop along with it these past 6 years. 

Naomi Timmer

Foundation Graduating Class of 2007

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