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Grade one and two class activities

Grade one and two class activities

Grade one and two class activities

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


The grade 1 class ended their science unit with two exciting activities. Each student was asked to design and create a pair of shoes for a specific purpose. The students were very creative and did an excellent job of problem solving along the way. Jordan made a fantastic pair of shoes using a lot of yellow duct tape! Then we took a field trip to Brubacher’s Shoes in Elmira. Harvey Gingerich, the former owner of the store, gave us an excellent presentation on the history of shoes. He had many examples of shoes for us to look at and touch. Harvey told us many interesting facts about shoes. Before we went home, he gave each student an empty shoe box which the students used to take home their shoe creations.

World Food Picnic

The grade 2 class learned about various countries in 6 different continents. They researched the language and how to say “hello”, the climate and seasons, the flag, and the main kinds of food. Then each student chose a country and continent to prepare a poster. These posters were presented at our World Food Picnic. The grade 2 students did an excellent job of telling us about their projects. We played some games from around the world and ended our picnic with food. What a yummy way to learn about other cultures!

Doreen Lachance – Grade 1/2 teacher

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