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Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

A few days ago I was informed that some graffiti had been discovered in our school library. Imagine! Graffiti in a Christian school! Wilful defacement of school property! Apparently the crime involved words deeply etched into the pristine wood surface of one of our library tables, just under the table top, not so visible to adults, but very visible to young children whose view of the world is at a lower altitude. I bend down, with my nose at the table top level, to read what was scrawled there, expecting the worst. In bright red letters four centimetres high, it read: “I love Jesus.”

Needless to say, any initial feelings of righteous indignation were quickly dispelled. Scrawling messages into furniture, school or otherwise, is not an acceptable act. But, in this case one can hardly fault the message, nor the intent.

Yesterday the grade 1-2 students were not on their best behaviour during French class. As a result, the homeroom teacher decided to use the Christian Education class immediately following the French period to have the children sit quietly for some time, reflecting on their behaviour. The children were silent throughout, and appeared genuinely remorseful. In fact, one little girl was even in tears. The teacher took her aside, wanting to help her process her remorseful feelings. When asked why she was crying, she said, “Because we missed Christian education!”

At Foundation Christian School, wanting to learn about Jesus and loving Jesus is as natural and evident as the big nose on my face (so the children so readily point out). Christian education has a value attached to it that cannot be measured in dollars or cents. It lays a foundation of faith that inspires desire and relationship as well as knowledge.

In a day where the name of Jesus is politically incorrect and where God’s truth is more and more unknown or not acknowledged, Christian education is a mission worthy of support. When presented in a manner that is not denominational or doctrinal, such as is the case here at Foundation, Christian education offers a freedom that allows personal relationship with Jesus to blossom and flourish.

Foundation is not just a school but a ministry and a mission. All that we do is for the benefit of the children, to the furthering of God’s kingdom and for the love of Jesus. There can be no greater goal than this.

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