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Grade one and two class activities

Grade one and two class activities

Grade one and two class activities

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The grade one students are excited to see their bean plants growing. We are discovering what plants need in order to grow. If you visit our classroom, be sure to look under the sink for part of our experiment!

The grade two students are exploring the animal kingdom. Each student chose an animal and is making a diorama. So far, we have made the habitat, the animal and its food source. We still need to add the predators.

Our second Reading Spiral is almost full! For each book that a student reads aloud to someone he/she puts a sticker on our reading spiral. When the spiral is full, the students are rewarded with a free book to keep.

Each month we study a different author. This month is all about Barbara Reid who is known for her plasticene pictures. Check out our bulletin board in the hallway to see our plasticine pictures. It was a lot of work!!!

While you are in the hallway, take a look at our other art pieces. Our masterpiece of the month artwork is based on Henri Matisse’s “Beasts of the Sea”. We also made symmetrical kites. And, of course, our body portraits from September keep guard outside our classroom.

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