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Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Chips off the ol’ block

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

One of the criticisms I hear from Foundation students about our Friday morning worship is: “It should be longer!”

That kind of criticism I like to hear!

Worship is one of the highlights for me personally, from the loud and raucous “Good morning Pastor Kranz!!!!!!!!!!” shouted so loud that it probably echoes through the very halls of heaven, to the closing benediction “God is good – all the time! All the time – God is good!” I will forever hold the memories of worship at Foundation close to my heart.

Recently two of our younger students have been punctuating their worship by raising their hands wide open in praise as the songs are sung. It is a humbling and moving experience to watch Abby in grade one and Keegan in grade two as they sing, with hands held high in an expectant pose. Eyes closed, lost in wonder and praise.

This practise has yet to be embraced by any of our other students so it is somewhat groundbreaking for them to worship in this way.

I had them visit my office this week. I blessed them for being willing to stand out from the crowd, and worship in such a personal and open manner. I wanted them to know that I appreciate and encourage them in their praising.

I asked them what worshipping with hands raised does for them? How does it make them feel?

Keegan said: “I like the feeling. Sometimes I feel like I am floating up to heaven.”

Little Abby said: “I feel like God is saying to me ‘I love you. I love you forever!’”

In many things children have more courage, certainly more spontaneity, definitely much less inhibition than we adults who allow ourselves to be paralysed by protocol and convention and by the critical eye of others. We often lose our authenticity as we age, concerning ourselves more and more with the jaded influence of society and culture.

What the world and traditional religion tends to wring out of us as we grow older is a healthy embrace of our emotions. We keep God at arm’s length. We choose to approach matters of faith from a cerebral vantage point, suppressing our emotions lest we be judged too soft or too weak. As a result we guard ourselves from any emotional response, and in the process we lose much in our relationship with our God.

The simple facts tell us that in any other relationship, be it husband to wife, parent to child, friend to friend, the main building block of relationship is the emotional, not the cerebral connection. Scripture tells us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. Notice that the mind is only one third of the equation, and is mentioned only after the heart and the soul, both of which speak to the emotional and spiritual side of us.

In my conversation with Keegan and Abby, I asked if they worship this way with hands lifted high in praise in their home church.

Abby said: “Sometimes, but not too much.”

Keegan said: “NO! I don’t do it in church! Because if I did, my older sister Annie would pretend she didn’t know me!” Then with a wise old man kind of look, he leaned forward and whispered, “Some people are like that, you know!”

Yes, indeed Keegan, some people are!

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