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Chips off the ol’ Block

Chips off the ol’ Block

Chips off the ol’ Block

Monday, October 1st, 2012

“It’s all your fault, Pastor Kranz!” 

I hear that a lot! Who would have guessed that such an admonition as this could become music to my ears? Why? Because it comes from the mouths of some of the people I love the most – the children of Foundation. An added bonus, it keeps me humble.

It all began a few years ago with one of the grade eight students, Lynnae. Every morning when passing me in the hallway, with a gentle poke to my arm and some playful disdain, she would say, “It’s all your fault, Pastor Kranz.” If ever I would be so foolish as to enquire as to just what it was that was in fact my fault, the reply would inevitably come back “Everything!”

At her graduation ceremony, at the conclusion of her speech, she slyly looked in my direction and finished with the comment, “And next year, if ever anything goes wrong, you will know whose fault it is.” I am sure that some of the audience, not understanding the context of the joke, were somewhat dismayed by what appeared to be a disrespectful if not rude affront directed towards me. I on the other hand embraced it with the humour and affection that inspired it.

The year after Lynnae’s graduation, other students took up the cause on her behalf. Almost every day at Foundation, some student in playful jest whispers in my ear, “It’s all your fault, Pastor Kranz!”

Some might argue that I should not allow such seeming disrespect directed towards me and the authority of the position that I hold at the school. I on the other hand rather enjoy it. I have always valued relationship more than authority. After all, true authority is born out of a loving and caring relationship. I treasure those moments when children feel free enough to playfully jest with me, even when they tell me that it’s all my fault.

The other day, Kate, a grade six student, hearing someone tease me yet again, that it’s all my fault, countered with a gesture that reflects her sensitive and caring nature. She looked at me and said, “Yes Pastor Kranz, it is all your fault!” I pretended to be shocked and dismayed, when she quickly added, “Yup. It is all your fault… it’s all your fault that we have such a great school to go to!”

Kate’s gesture was a blessing, one that I will not forget. She was determined to put a positive spin on the teasing, for my sake alone. How sensitive and thoughtful!

As well meaning as her words were, the truth is that I take no credit whatsoever for Foundation Christian School. No one of us is essential nor indispensable to Him carrying out His will. I am but one of many, past and present, who are simply servants for the Lord’s doing. He alone birthed the school, sustained the school these past six years, and continues to hold the school in the palm of His hand on into the future.

Bless Kate for her kindness. But in reality, it’s all His fault, not mine. Praise God!

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