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Chips off the ‘ol Block

Chips off the ‘ol Block

Chips off the ‘ol Block

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Little Abby in grade two had been playing in my office over recess. She was busy cleaning up some toys when out of the blue, in a very matter-of-fact kind of way, she says: “My sister Rosalyn says that the most wonderfullest word in the whole world is thank you, because then people want to give you things. (Rosalyn is in Kindergarten.) But I think the most wonderfullest word in all the world is manners, because it makes people ask you to stay overnight.”

I know Abby and Rosalyn’s grandma very well. She is our finance administrator at the school. It would appear that the girls have her number, so to speak. And now I too know the magic strategy next time I need to go to her seeking approval for creative expenditures.

One of the things I will miss most when I am no longer at Foundation is the wisdom and spontaneity of the children. They are so unhindered by convention, so transparent and real in their experience with the world, that it makes us adults look like a bunch of posers, willing victims to the bondage of political correctness and constantly struggling to keep up appearances. Someone once said, “How much better this world would be, if we would all just be the persons we pretend to be.”

This applies to our Christian faith. How often we extol relationship with God and others as the foundation of true faith, and yet how many of us know the names of, let alone have a relationship with our neighbours living on our street, or the people in our apartment building just down the hall? How many of us have a prayer life and a walk with God that takes absolute priority in our lives, such that we can address Him not only as God and Father, but by the more intimate and personal “Dad” as Jesus did. 

“Abba Father” literally translated “Dear Daddy” is how Jesus prayed. No sophistication. No pretence. No formality. Simply “Dear Daddy…” This is how Jesus taught us to pray when giving us the Lord’s prayer. Imagine!

This is the kind of relationship that you and I are privileged to have with the God of the universe!

How great is that?!

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