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Chips off the ol’ Block

Chips off the ol’ Block

Chips off the ol’ Block

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Some weeks ago the grade 5 & 6 class were given a creative writing assignment by Mr. Robinson. Together, as a group, they composed a paragraph using me as a subject. I was both honoured and humbled by their effort. This is what they wrote:

                                           The Amazing Pastor Kranz

  Pastor Kranz is awesome. 

He wears a silly, smooth, happy-faced tie that suits his personality.

His shiny, white, bouncy hair flows as he walks to give candy to the 5&6 class. 

A huge dark brown coat rests gently on his shoulders. His rough, jagged coat is completely unlike his peaceful soul. 

His glasses are perched on his slightly large nose, behind which sits his friendly, forgiving eyes. 

Also he has a voice as deep as a bear yet as calm as clear water. 

He truly is a sweet pastor, an amazing guy.


Lest I become too elated over such a kind and generous portrayal, I share with you two other descriptions, freely offered recently by two students in Kindergarten. Little Olivia was in my office the other day dressed in a pretty polka-dot skirt. I commented that I think I will call her ‘Dot’ because she likes polka dots on her clothes. She replied, “I think I will call you ‘Stain’, because you always have a stain on your shirt.” 

Little Nyamal was by my side on the playground one day last week when I knelt down to pick something up. Glancing at the top of my head, she commented with some incredulity,  “Pastor Kranz, I think you need some more hair!” I asked her why she thought that. With some polite hesitance, and an unwillingness to embarass me, she simply affirmed, “I just think you need more hair.”

As the date of my departure approaches I find myself reflecting on all that the school has come to mean to me.  I will miss the innocent simplicity and child-like honesty that I am privileged to encounter everyday here at Foundation. The children have taught me so much. Leaving is hard, even when new adventures wait around the corner.

Katie in grade four asked me exactly which day it was that I would be leaving. I told her. She thoughtfully replied, “Well, that will be both a sad day and a happy day!” Curious, I asked her to explain. She answered saying “That day will be sad, because you are leaving. But, it will also be happy, because it’s my cat’s birthday!”

That puts everything into perspective. One balances the other. I love her childlike simplicity and her ability to find hope in a difficult situation.

God has been so good to me in this place, stretching me, growing me and blessing me. As with all the good experiences in my life I realize that I have received far more than I have contributed. I pray that somehow I leave behind some small thing of value with those my life has been privileged to touch.

Today one of the kindergarten children couldn’t remember what day of the week it was, and asked Miss Body if there was worship today. Little Owen overheard, and without hesitation exclaimed, “ALL of school is worship!”

Wow! Praise God! Foundation Christian School is indeed a very special place. The Holy Spirit is here!

If after these six years, by God’s grace Owen’s assertion is even partially true, such that the children truly feel His presence throughout the school, then I take my leave, contented and blessed.

God is indeed good! ALL the time!

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