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Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Today I experienced one of the most refreshing activities since coming on staff at Foundation.  Of course I have loved the BBQs and events, and I have absolutely cherished my time spent with kids in the classroom, halls, and yard of the school.  However, to date, one of my best experiences has been the prayer walk we did as a staff this afternoon. 

As we walked through the halls of the school, and gathered in every classroom and office, I was reminded by God over and over of the precious thing we have here.  We have a family.  We have a ministry.  We have the opportunity to pour into the lives of children.  As the staff lifted up prayers for one another, for the students, and families involved in the school, I was reminded of just how amazing that staff really is.  God brought to my mind the gift that He has put into each of them to teach, and the desire He placed in their hearts to shepherd children in their relationships with Jesus.  Each room we entered brought to life one more of the many different facets of Foundation.  

Today, as you think about our school, do a prayer walk.  I would encourage you to walk through the school in your mind and experience for yourself the wave of activities and aspects of life at Foundation that God will place in your mind to help you pray.  What a worthwhile experience!


Mr. Robinson

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