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Spring Musical Sneak Preview!

Spring Musical Sneak Preview!

Spring Musical Sneak Preview!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Spring Musical Practice

At one o’clock today I was blown away!  I waltzed on down to our gym, and stuck my head in to our school-wide rehearsal for the annual spring musical.  The students sounded FANTASTIC!  Here is an excerpt about the musical: 

“Solid Rock Cafe begins with a group of children heading for the “Praise the Lord Music Festival” when they encounter several problems. They have a flat tire on their van, their lead singer has a cold, they lose their map, and they find their drummer has no drums. The kids feel like they are a praise team that has lost their praise. With the help of Soulman Mac and the rest of the Solid Rock Cafe staff, they partake of some great ‘soul food’ -the Bible- to help them solve their problems. This children’s musical is one of hope and encouragement.” 


(excerpted from http://neonessy.com/110_adw144_prod28976.html )

The musical is going to be great, and there seems to be tons of awesome items up for grabs in the silent auction as well!  Come on out and support the kids, they sound amazing!

In Him,

Matthew Robinson

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