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I’m Taking Pickles Outside!

I’m Taking Pickles Outside!

I’m Taking Pickles Outside!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Christian School Pickle of JoyI love a good pickle – especially a dill.  It is funny the way pickles have dominated my life as of late.  Recently one of our school families gave me a jar of home cured dills that made my lips smack and my smile widen.  They were delicious.  Scrumptious. Delectable.

Recently, I was challenged by another pickle encounter.  It was the beginning of recess and one of our students was running – er – walking down the hall with his arms held high and a dripping pickle slice in each hand.  Delicious. Scrumptious. Delectable – I am sure.  While this image is certainly cute and noteworthy, it’s not what’s making the news today.

It wasn’t the pickle holding, or the running that catches your attention, it was the immense joy that overflowed as he yelled out “I’m taking pickles outside!”  Joy. Pure joy.  In the simplest of God’s many gifts – pickles.

When I asked our pickle-loving student about it, he told me that he particularly loves the spiciness of pickles.  When I pressed him on what was so great about taking them outside to eat he replied, “I dunno,…I just love it!”

I never stop learning from the kids at Foundation Christian School.  Stop and find joy, pure joy, in one of God’s simplest gifts today.  I will.  It may even be a pickle.




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