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Coming Together at Foundation Christian School

Coming Together at Foundation Christian School

Coming Together at Foundation Christian School

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

winterbourne wonderlandWinterbourne Wonderland was a tremendous success.  There is no doubt about it.  We had hundreds of visitors, cleared the bake table, sold well over one hundred baskets, and yes, we raised some funds for Foundation Christian School.  As far as the metrics for a fundraising event go, it was a smash hit!

The traditional metrics, however, neglect to quantify the true value of such an event for the school.  The greatest gift God gave us wasn’t in the whirlwind of preparation, or the earthquake of running the event, or even the firestorm of funds that were raised for the school.  The greatest blessing lay gently in the background, a seemingly small aspect of an otherwise monumental event.

It was when I sat down for a steamy coffee and spicy bowl of chili in the corner of the tea room that I saw some of the greatest value of the event.  As visitors hustled and bustled about the crowded room with their baked goods and bags of purchases, shuffling to sit down to eat, I saw something AMAZING.  Our students and alumni whizzing around clearing tables and mopping up, their parents serving food and ringing through customers.  Families, whole families, involved and working hard together with joy in their hearts. Preparing. Setting up.  Cleaning up.  Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters.  Parents whose children were best of friends – working together.

I imagined for a moment the effect this must have on the children.  I have read studies communicating the importance of parental involvement with a school in terms of children’s education.  The success in Winterbourne Wonderland, I think, lies somewhere in this space – somewhere in the midst of whole families pitching in together and sensing the joy of the Lord while they do.



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