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Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 2

Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 2

Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 2

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Christmas, in many ways, is about giving.  It is a season of generosity, inspired by the generosity of Christ.  We exchange gifts, and laughter, and hot apple cider, and we spend time together.  We pull out our wallets, and part with our cash, to put a smile on someone else’s face.  ThPresentis is good.

The gift that Jesus gave, however, was immense.  You see Jesus didn’t swipe a heavenly credit card to pay off our sin debt.  He didn’t quickly punch in His pin, wrap up His gift, put it under a tree, and move on with other things.  His gift to us was much more involved.  He gave of Himself.

Indeed it wasn’t a quick transaction.  God lived a full life as a man.  He suffered.  He endured sorrow.  At the end, he didn’t make a quick payment; he gave of Himself for us.  His Christmas gift was paid for in blood.  It was wrapped in sacrifice.  It was costly.

This Christmas let’s give sacrificially.  As a family, kids in tow, give of yourselves together.  Get creative with it: serve at a soup kitchen, meet a need, go caroling, be extravagantly generous, spend time with someone who is lonely or invite someone to share in your family Christmas who has nowhere else to go.  However you do it, do it together as a family.

As you sacrificially give together, my guess is that you will not only bless others, but will be blessed in your service.  You will connect, and you will connect around the love and grace of Jesus.  Awesome.


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