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Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 3

Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 3

Three Ways to Connect at Christmas – Part 3

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


Have you ever received one of those charitable donation gifts?  Does this sound familiar: “A pig has been donated in your name to a family who can use it to produce an income.”  It is a great idea, an excellent way to motivate more giving to the poorest of the poor in our world.

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I have received these gifts in the past.  If I have to be honest, though, it meant very little to me.  It was the choice of the giver to show generosity and love by making the donation; I didn’t choose it.  The gift I received probably also meant more to the giver than it did to me.  Therein lies another opportunity to connect at Christmas around the giving inspired in the cross.

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While I would never want to discourage you from purchasing a ‘donation gift’ this Christmas, I do want to encourage you to make it a family affair.  As Christ so generously poured out His love for us, do so as a family to others.  Research together different needs in the world and how you could meet them.  You can’t meet them all, but you can do something, together.  Choose the ‘donation gift’ that is most meaningful to each of you together, and share your reasons together.  Then purchase and give those to one another.  And give generously.  Not only will you connect around God-inspired giving and receive a ‘donation gift’ that is meaningful to both giver and receiver, you will also bless another human being in need.

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This Christmas connect as a family.  Connect around God’s word.  Connect through service together.  Connect through thoughtful giving.  However you do it, connect around the love of Jesus that makes the season so sweet.


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