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Foundation Christian School – Why does success feel so good?

Foundation Christian School – Why does success feel so good?

Foundation Christian School – Why does success feel so good?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


Have you ever experienced a day where everything seems to be going so right?  Last week all of Foundation Christian School was waiting in expectation on sports results.  The Canadian women’s hockey team was going for gold against the USA.  The Foundation boys’ basketball team was competing in a tournament against other schools in the region.  Olympic fever was running high.

I was on the edge of my seat all day.  I was back and forth between Foundation and RIM park where our boys were playing basketball.  My smartphone was my command centre, getting texts about basketball scores while at the school, and checking in on hockey in my Sochi app.  The women were down 2-0 in Sochi, and I was feeling discouraged.  However I got a text that the boys had absolutely crushed their first match with a huge win.  And so went the day.  The women were down, and so was I.  The boys were up, and so was I.  Success and failure dictating how I felt.

The day began to reach a climax when, back at RIM park, I found out that the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team came back and won in overtime!  My adrenaline seemed to rush with the news, which came while I was witnessing the boys making Foundation sports history as they progressed towards a win at their tournament.  And they did win.  It was incredible.  I felt incredible.  Why?

Something tells me that the answer is that God designed it that way.  Success is good.  I am not afraid of failure, and I am certainly not advocating that God promises us we will find ‘success’ in all we do.  We fail.  We hurt.  We are human, after all.  However I think that God enjoys success too, even more than we do.  He is God, after all.  The question, then, isn’t ‘why does success feel so good?’ but, ‘what will I do through the success?’  When we succeed, let’s celebrate, in humility, and let’s give the glory to God.  When we fail, let’s learn from it, and make changes, for the glory of God.  Win humbly, lose gracefully. Do both to the glory to God. Colossians 3:17

Success feels good, because it is good.  Failure feels bad for a reason too.  Regardless of the feeling, there is a Godly path through both.  Let’s do both well.  Way to go boys!



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