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What the Olympics Can Teach Foundation Christian School

What the Olympics Can Teach Foundation Christian School

What the Olympics Can Teach Foundation Christian School

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Olympic RingsEvery four years Canadian athletes don red and white snowsuits of various forms, pack their bags, and set off for somewhere in the world to compete in winter sports at the highest level.  Billions of dollars are spent.  Countless hours are logged by athletes, coaches, organizers (and the list goes on), in preparation for the event.  It is somewhat reminiscent of a weekend youth sports tournament, yet with a grandeur arguably unmatched by any sporting event.  The world watches with anticipation.

We have been getting into the spirit of the Olympics here at Foundation Christian School.  We have watched some of the events (HOCKEY!), and are wearing red and white in support of our athletes.  Being that we are a school, however, makes me wonder – what can we learn from all of this?  Here are a few takeaways that have come to my mind.

1 – Persevere against the odds

Consider athlete Larisa Yurkiw.   After a terrible knee injury, the national team dropped her from their downhill skiing squad.  Her dream of making the Olympics seemed crushed.  She was injured, and she had lost her support.  However, Larisa maintained her focus, and persevered.  Despite the massive obstacles she continued training and competing, found other financial support, and eventually made the Olympic team.  It took years to achieve, and it certainly took perseverance against the odds.  When the going gets tough, persevere.

2 – Value sportsmanship

Consider the example of Canadian cross-country coach Justin Wadsworth.  After a terrible day for his own team, Wadsworth went out of his way to help a Russian competitor.  After labouring on a broken ski for some time, Russian Anton Gafarov finally collapsed when his ski completely fell apart.  Desiring that this athlete could finish the race, and with dignity, Justin Wadsworth rushed onto the course and gave a spare ski to Gafarov so he could finish his race.  It was true sportsmanship.  Reminded me of loving thy neighbour as thyself (second greatest command, isn’t it?).  While the Canadian cross country team hadn’t made a big splash in the media that day, Wadsworth’s sportsmanship went viral.   Even when you are down, love thy neighbour.

3 – Trust in the Lord

Own the podium.  That is the mantra, right?  While I am absolutely for competition, and tough competitors, this Olympics is a reminder that humans can’t be relied on.  We put a lot of trust in our athletes to bring home the gold, and yet we have experienced many upsets this Olympics.  In some cases we counted gold medals before competitions even started, only to witness an athlete miss the mark.   It isn’t the athletes that create the disappointment we experience, though.  It is related to the amount of trust we invested in them to bring home a gold medal.   Even the best athletes, at the peak of fitness and ability, can miss the mark.  Humans are never perfect.  Cheer them on, support their quest for Olympic gold, but don’t be shocked when a human misses the mark.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  He is the only solid rock.


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