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Linda Listen!

Linda Listen!

Linda Listen!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

stubbornI am the proud father of two children.  One of them is a two year old.  I love her deeply, no matter what.  She gives me a hug, I love her.  She listens carefully, I love her.  She shares a toy with her little brother, I love her – no matter what.  No matter if she has a screaming fit, I love her.  No matter if she intentionally spills her juice knowing she shouldn’t, I love her.  No matter if she pushes her brother, or her mother, or me – I love her no matter what.

Children can be difficult!  I recently watched a video of a mother debating with her three year old that had me in stitches.  He was stubborn, unreasonable, and held his ground with a sort of manic persistence as his mother attempted to reason with him.  “No you listen Linda!” he would demand.  The video is entirely cute, but says something about children far less developed, intelligent, wise, and mature than their parents.  In their minds they are right and reasonable, even when they are being ridiculous to the point of hilarity.  And that is how we are.

We think we know, when we don’t.  We think we are wise, when we are foolish.  We think we are in control, when we aren’t.  Thankfully, our Father in heaven loves us, no matter what.  Thankfully, He is in control, even when we push Him away.  My prayer is that I will be a good father, and model my parenting after my Father in heaven.  I want to love my children unconditionally, while still teaching them to walk the right path.  To lovingly be in control.


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