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Blue Jays and Wayward Faith

Blue Jays and Wayward Faith

Blue Jays and Wayward Faith

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

blue jaysAsk my former grade 5/6 students at Foundation Christian School, just outside of Waterloo, if I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan.  They will answer with a resounding “YES!”  This time last year, after a series of unbelievable trades, the Toronto Blue Jays were heralded as the most likely team in baseball to win the World Series.  People couldn’t stop talking about how the Blue Jays were going to have possibly their best season ever.  They were winners, and they were going to win.  Fans had faith in the team.

They went on to have one of their worst seasons ever.  Plagued by injuries, and several underperforming players, the team didn’t even make the playoffs, let alone the World Series.  One of their key players was injured after just ten games, and would be out for the season.  Many others followed, including key pitchers and batters.

Interesting, now, that this same team is expected to do poorly this year.  The fans believe there is no hope, and expect disappointment.  They think the general manager should be fired.  They have no faith in the team whatsoever.

Here is what strikes me.  This is essentially the same team. The same players.  The same amazing talent.  They aren’t entirely plagued with injuries, and they are more experienced together.  Last year fans put their faith in them, they ‘worshiped’ them, they trusted them.   Now, because we faced a hiccup, we have lost our faith even though the team is unchanged.  The team is as good as they were when they were considered shoe-ins for a World Series.

While I am troubled by our wayward faith as Blue Jays fans, I am even more troubled by our wayward faith as followers of Christ.  We are so quick to focus on events, circumstances, and troubles, and we begin to lose true faith and trust in what is unchanging, holy, trustworthy, and good: Jesus Christ.  He is a shoe-in for transforming our lives, and leading us through the most difficult seasons.  No matter what has bogged us down, we can have faith that he will surely win!


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