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‘Youth’ Messages?

‘Youth’ Messages?

‘Youth’ Messages?

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

What do you say to a bunch of youth when they ask you to come and share God’s word with them?  This was the question I struggled with for months leading up to the Wallenstein Bible Chapel Victoria Day weekend youth retreat.  I shared three messages this weekend with a hungry (spiritually, and literally!) group of young people.  What did I end up sharing?  Say yes to God, now and every day.

I was amazed at how God laid a message on my heart for this group.  It all seemed to go so well, and the youth – I hope – were impacted.  The thing that struck me the most, though, was something the camp’s property director ‘Ted’ said to me over breakfast.  He said, ‘you know, I think a lot of adults need to hear these messages too, not just the youth’.

So true.  All the pressure I felt to deliver a message for ‘youth’ needed not be felt.  The idea that ‘youth’ would benefit most from a simple direct message to respond with a ‘yes’ to God when He calls them, and when He leads them, disguises the plain truth that we all could stand to learn the same lesson.  Say ‘yes’ to God, and take steps towards living out that ‘yes’.

‘Youth’ messages – even ‘children’s’ messages at Foundation – are a bit miscategorised.  They aren’t ‘youth’ messages, they are messages for all of us.   We all need to say yes to God.  We all need to take practical steps to live out that yes.

So go on a youth retreat, or come to a Friday worship at Foundation Christian School.  It isn’t just youth that need motivation to live radically for Jesus, and isn’t just children that need to learn the fruit of the Spirit.  We could all use a few simple and direct blessings from the word of God to help us on our way.


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