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Freedom and Grace!

Freedom and Grace!

Freedom and Grace!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Amazing, isn’t it?  I have seen it everywhere this past week, as students have once again filled our school and brought it to life.  By His grace those kids are waltzing the halls.  His grace has filled our school to record enrolment.  His grace has provided the means for us to operate.  His grace is written across every one of their smiling faces.

And all of that is amazing grace, certainly.  But what is most amazing to me lately is how freeing grace is.  In Galatians Paul writes that ‘it was for freedom that Christ set us free;” What a marvel!  Nothing in our lives should inhibit that freedom which we receive by God’s grace.  We are free because nothing we have done, or are doing, condemns us anymore.  We are no longer enslaved, because the cross has turned us loose.

No less profound is Paul’s exhortation to ‘not be subject again to a yoke of slavery’ in the very same verse.  It is as if he is saying: you are free, so stop being slaves.  Seriously, stop it.   Whatever you are holding on to, whatever sin, grudge, or offence.  Whatever you think you can’t say to God, give it up.  He knows already.  He has forgiven already.  Get it off your chest, and live in the same freedom He does.  After all, it is why he set you free in the first place.

Excited about this year, and praying that the children, staff, and families at Foundation Christian School all live in God’s freeing grace this year.


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