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Hurry Up Grandma!

Hurry Up Grandma!

Hurry Up Grandma!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Groovy Grandma Hat - Child in the Kingdom at Foundation Christian SchoolI am young.  At least that is what they tell me.  Youth is a beautiful and fleeting thing.  We can never regain a moment, and we can never grow younger.  We can only make moments, as we grow older.  I was pondering this today after an, ahem, ‘incident’ with a student.

I was feeling rather great as I wandered out to the field to watch the grade 3/4 class play soccer during their gym class.  The sun was shining, soccer balls were flying, and youthful energy abounded.  The whistle blew, and students began to make their way off the field.

One student in particular made a running jump at me in an attempt to latch on for a piggy back.  She just about knocked me over!  Full of joy, and youthful innocence, she demanded, “Mr Robinson!  You are supposed to duck down so I can make it on for a piggy back!”  ‘Duh!’ I thought to myself, ‘obviously!’   I ducked down and she hung on around my neck.  I trotted along at what I thought was a rather gingerly pace towards the school.  ‘She must be having a blast!’ I thought.  Just as I had that thought, she yelled, “HURRY UP GRANDMA, YOU’RE TOO SLOW!”

Kids say it like it is, don’t they?  Feeling like a ‘grandma’ I tried to speed up to appease my rider.  I never got going fast enough to lose my new ‘grandma’ label, though.  It made me think, am I losing my youth?  The answer to that question is. . . yes.  We all are, from the moment we are born.  Hopefully, though, we don’t lose our youthfulness – we need it you know.  We must become like children to enter God’s kingdom.  Thanks to that student for reminding me of this important truth today!

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