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Asking With Godly Persistence!

Asking With Godly Persistence!

Asking With Godly Persistence!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

ask-seek-knock“Mom, I really want a pony.”  “Mom, having a pony would make my dreams come true!” “Please mom, can I have a pony? Pleeaaasee!”

We’ve all heard these things before.  You see, kids know their dependence upon their parents.  They know that in order to receive, they need to ask.  They can’t just get it on their own.  And kids are good at asking, and asking, and asking.  They are persistent.

Recently two Foundation Christian School students asked me if I could get their ball off the roof.  It was Friday afternoon, things were busy, so I put these girls off with the loose promise that I would get their ball down ‘next week.’  This seem to satisfy them, and I sat back relieved that I had successfully diverted their request.

That was a foolish thought!  The very first recess on Tuesday morning after the long weekend I had two students standing in the door of my office requesting I get their ball off the roof.  All smiles they said, “You said next week…well…it’s now next week!”

However, as persistent as they were being, I had another trick up my sleeve, I was quite busy after all.  I asked them if they had permission to be in the office, and if they were carrying their trusty hall passes.  When they confessed they came without either, I indicated that I could not hear them since they must really be outside where they are supposed to be.

Their smiles inched even wider as they disappeared, returning only seconds later.  Beaming they declared: “We are here with permission, look at our clips.  It is now ‘next week’ so please do what you said, and get our ball off the roof!”  I immediately caved.  The ladder came out, and the ball was retrieved.  Now I was beaming too!  Their joyful persistence in asking paid off! (And rubbed off too!)

Funny thing is, we often see this persistence in children as a negative.  While kids are often out-of-line in their asking, and sure, they can become downright rude, the persistence behind their asking isn’t inherently bad.  In fact it is good!

In Matthew 7 we are entreated to ask, seek, and knock – to persist in pursuing the good things God has for us.  I think we often lack this child-like persistence in our relationship with God.  It is as if we are afraid we are being irreverent if we persist in asking Him.  However, when He has promised it, there is no irreverence in the persistence – only faith and relationship.  So let’s politely persist in asking God for his promises as we passionately pursue Him together.

Thanks for that reminder girls!


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