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Christmas in Black and White

Christmas in Black and White

Christmas in Black and White

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

chrisbwThe students from Foundation Christian School are putting on a fabulous musical this coming Tuesday, December 16th, starting at 6:00pm at Calvary Church in St. Jacobs.  I am excited to see the children perform – to own the stage as it were – and share with the world all they have been practising these past months.  Every year I am blown away by the many talents that come out of the woodwork during these productions.  While the performance itself is to be lauded and appreciated, the message the children are trying to communicate should not be lost in the pageantry.

The musical is called Christmas in Black and White, and the message is an important one for our time.  Christmas these days is often celebrated, shared, and enjoyed more in a foggy spectrum of greys, or an infinite technicolour array.  The meaning of Christmas is not clear.  People express that Christmas is about community.  It is about brotherly love.  It is about celebrating.  It is about giving and generosity.  And it is all of those things – at least secondarily.

You see, there is a wide spectrum of wonderful aspects of what Christmas is all about, but they are subordinate to THE aspect.  Christmas is about Christ, and nothing else.  Is that clear enough for you?  Is there enough contrast in that statement, that it is clearly distinguished from all other possible suggestions?  Christmas is about Christ.  Everything else flows from Him, everything else is secondary.  Christian community is enjoyed because of Christ.  The love that springs forth at Christmas is rooted in the immense love that Christ first had for us.  The celebrating is for Jesus, who is the celebrated.  Generosity reigns because Christ gave the most precious and sacrificial gift imaginable; he gave everything of himself, that we could have everything.

So come out and hear the Foundation Christian School children sing, and watch them perform, and enjoy it.  But don’t miss the message – the Christmas season is all about Christ.


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