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What’s On Your Report Card?

What’s On Your Report Card?

What’s On Your Report Card?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Foundation Christian School Report CardThis past week at Foundation Christian School I had the privilege of reading more than 80 report cards of students from Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, and the surrounding area.  It is an incredible experience every time.  Report cards are a window into a child’s academic progress. They represent the big picture, and reading them you understand the gains students have made and the effort they have made.  It is very rewarding. 

It made me think about my own progress.  In the Christian life, our teacher is Jesus.  If I am in His class, what subjects are on the report card?

–          Theological understanding?
–          Church involvement?
–          Knowledge of God?
–          Acts of service?
–          Love?
–          Moral character?

If I ranked myself, right now, on any one of those areas, I am not so sure I am an A student.  I know I can improve, I know I could live my life with more surrender to God.  I know I haven’t reached my potential in Him.  But I also know, amazingly, that because of His grace, and Christ’s sacrifice, my father in heaven sees all A’s!  You see, the only subject that matters is holiness, and the only grade that is a pass is 100%.  And because of Jesus that is what I am, holy and set apart for my Father.

Reading the report cards, though, has given me another boost.  Our students accomplish so much, and strive to improve their learning.  While I am an ‘A‘ student in my Father’s eyes, I know I can sit little longer every day in his presence, and strive to follow Him in each moment.  Thanks to students at Foundation for inspiring me to live with abandon for Jesus.


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