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Follow Jesus Now

Follow Jesus Now

Follow Jesus Now

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

follow jesus nowNew Year’s resolutions are, statistically, doomed to fail.  There, I said it.  I read somewhere recently that the success rate for the grand plans we make every January 1st is a meagre 8%.  I am sure there are a range of statistical interpretations, accounting for the different subtleties at play, but the truth remains: New Year’s resolutions fail.

So why the hype?  Why do we bother?  Why have I bothered?  I think the answer lies somewhere in our innate desire for newness, for second changes, for rejuvenation.  Do we not all long for some kind of spring?  Who doesn’t want for some kind of renewal?  New Year’s, I think, masquerades as a sort of renewal.  Really, though, there isn’t anything particularly different from January 1st and January 7th, save that the year column rolled one digit higher.  After all, hasn’t it been a whole year since it was January 7th?

The truth is, the only lasting fresh start is in Jesus.  And if we really care about a decision, we shouldn’t wait until January 1st to start on it.  We should start right now.  In light of that, I want to remember to follow Jesus now, right now.  Every moment is a new year, and an opportunity to follow hard after the King of the universe, and the lover of my soul.  No reason to wait.  The time for a true renewal is right now.


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