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Foundation Christian School Breakfast Buddies!

Foundation Christian School Breakfast Buddies!

Foundation Christian School Breakfast Buddies!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

This morning I had the incredible privilege of addressing a room of faithful ministers from our region.  These individuals, busy as they are building God’s kingdom through their local congregations, took the time to get up early and come to Foundation Christian School to enjoy breakfast, conversation, and prayer with us.

What did we talk about?  Children.  That younger demographic of ‘all nations’ that Jesus calls us to disciple in Matthew 28.  If a vast majority of people will solidify their core beliefs about God by age 12, I suppose children’s ministry is a worth-while topic for any church.  Children shouldn’t be an afterthought of seed sowing in God’s kingdom, they should be the land we focus most of our effort on.  After all, statistically, it will bear the most fruit.  How should we do it?  What are our goals?  This morning we chatted about that across denominational lines.  We shared ideas, learned a little from one another, and hopefully renewed once again the importance of making disciples of children.

I am thankful to those leaders who joined us this morning.  Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas, and thanks for lifting children up in prayer.  Thanks for caring about God’s kids!



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