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Foundation Gets Involved

Foundation Gets Involved

Foundation Gets Involved

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

I am amazed sometimes how so many people with the same goal can be divided, or at best, disconnected from one another.  At Foundation Christian School my overarching vision has been to see Christian education prevail in the Kitchener Waterloo region.  Of course, that includes an element of joy each time our little school takes a step forward and experiences some new success in ministry.  However, it also includes joy and joyful partnerships with other Christian education ministries.   After all, ours isn’t the only means to the end we all desire.

Yesterday was an opportunity for me to experience joy in watching the efforts of other Christian educators thrive in their ministries.  I attended the Kitchener Waterloo Christian Home Educators’ Association’s (KWCHEA) speech meet.  These dedicated mothers and fathers sacrifice immensely (yet with joy!) to home school their children, and raise them up in Jesus Christ.  It is an important, and often overlooked, ministry.

The speeches I heard from these home schooled children were not just amazing in form and delivery, but rich in content.  One of the most compelling speeches I heard was on faith.  Delivered like a seasoned preacher, this young student challenged us to have real faith, to really trust God, and to act on it.  Quite a thing!  The speech is the fruit of a God-centered discipleship ministry to the youngest of ‘all nations.’

Many thanks to KWCHEA, for blessing me at your speech meet, and for getting into the trenches of education and discipleship ministry to children.


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