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Speak Life

Speak Life

Speak Life

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

There is a Toby Mac song by that title.  In an interview I saw, he explains the meaning behind his song.  Every time we interact with someone we can either speak life, or empty them out.  There is no neutral interaction.  We need to take the opportunity, every time, to speak God’s life into people.  I was amazed last Thursday during our speech meet at how many of our students harnessed their speeches to speak life!

Uplifting and encouraging, right from the primary poetry recital, to the grade eight speech.  It was the tickling way some children were able to get the crowd smiling and laughing.  It was how some told stories of heroes like Mr. Luther King Jr, and called us to learn from these greats.  It was how some tackled difficult subjects like war and oppression, imploring the world to change.  It was how some tackled bullying, and inspired peers and parents to stand up to it.  It was how so many, so thoughtfully, weaved elements of God’s message into their speeches to uplift and encourage.  It was how Jesus, and the life he offers, was shared by children even through a school assignment to speak to a crowd.

Let’s take a cue from our children, and from Mr. Mac, and from Jesus.  Let’s speak life in every situation.



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