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LegoMania at Foundation Christian School!

LegoMania at Foundation Christian School!

LegoMania at Foundation Christian School!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


I have been absolutely ecstatic to get Foundation Christian School’s Lego club going!  In fact, I had such a windfall of would-be Lego clubbers that I will actually have to run two rounds of Lego club to get everyone included.  Amazing to see their eagerness to participate in something seemingly so simple.

What is it that is so attractive to children about Lego?  I think it has to do with the creativity it facilitates.  Children’s minds are fantastically creative, but their abilities often hamper the expression of their creative musings.  Lego gives them an output, it gives them the ability to create incredible things, without tremendous amounts of cold hard skills required.  I love this creative side of children, because it is a reflection of God.  God made us creative, in His image.  Yet, in our world as adults, we often supress our creative instincts whether they be math oriented, musical, scientific, or visual.  We get scared that our idea won’t come out right.  That our skills won’t properly produce the ideas in our minds.  That we will be embarrassed.

Those things that hamper us using the creativity God put in us often don’t hinder children in the same way; especially when they have Lego at their fingertips!  Maybe we should take a cue, let our guard down, and play with Lego too.  I myself am finding it refreshing!



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