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March Madness Foundation Style

March Madness Foundation Style

March Madness Foundation Style

Monday, March 30th, 2015

11While the basketball world is feeling the rush of college competition heating up, March seems to bring an intense feeling to Foundation Christian School as well.  As staff and students arrive back from March break, and pour through the school doors, a sense of immediacy seems to hit.  The end is near – at least of the school year that is!

While in reality we still have almost a full third of our academic calendar left, the March Madness rush still hits.  School meetings, spring play, auction, science fair, school picnic, big trips, golf tournament, sports, graduation!  Can you feel it?  Not to mention school clubs, academics, and just the general awesomeness of the children’s energy as spring hits!

And while the rush is on, we are trying to take pause as a staff and remember not to get lost in it.  No, we will not get lost.  We stop, and pray, that God will use us to take every opportunity, every event and happening, to impact the lives of the children.  We’ll embrace the excitement of the rush, but not the distractions.  Pray with us as we make use of term three for God!



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