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Our Father at Foundation Christian School

Our Father at Foundation Christian School

Our Father at Foundation Christian School

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Our Father, who art in heav–.  Wait, let’s stop here.  Many of us know the familiar prayer, the one that Jesus taught us.  It is recited often, and yet I wonder how often we stop to think about the incredible significance of each word it carries.

As a school, we have decided to do just that; we are taking pause each week to reflect on an aspect of these incredible words of Jesus.  We started with “Our father.”  How amazing is that!  Jesus tells us, that as we pray to Almighty God of the Universe, we can address him in an intimate, personal way.  We can call Him dad. He is a perfect father, of loves us his children. I could park on this incredible truth for a long time, but let’s keep it simple: pause, remember, God is your perfect loving dad.

He is my dad too.  After all, the first word in the prayer is ‘Our.’ You see, God is father to all who by faith accept Him as so.  That makes us brothers and sisters in Christ, and part of large spiritual family.  We should look out for each other, build each other up, and care for one another’s needs.  We are family after all, and it is what our incredible Father – God – wants for his children.  Amazing.  Truth.



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