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Foundation Families Donate Time and Talent!

Foundation Families Donate Time and Talent!

Foundation Families Donate Time and Talent!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

bids-and-bitesLIVE“Three-hundred fifty going once…going twice…SOLD!  The gentleman in the back has just bought himself 10 free lunches, pre-made, for his two children to finish the school year!”   This is exactly what we are already getting excited about for the Foundation Christian School spring auction on Saturday, May 9th.  Every family in the school is getting creative, and donating their time and talent to the auction block so the rest of us can take advantage.  Free lawn mowing, a weekend at a family owned cottage, car detailing, toilet scrubbing!  Anything is possible at this auction!

We are excited to have a live auctioneer help to get the bids flying as we pull out our chequebooks in support of the school (and because we want our lawns mowed and our cars cleaned!)  This will be an exciting event, especially because of how all our families are coming together to donate their time and/or talent to the cause!  Have you thought of what your family can contribute?  Stuck for ideas?  Contact the office for suggestions!

Let’s not forget another exciting aspect of the day – our spring musical!  Our students are in full swing practising song, and line, to deliver an incredible performance with a message.  Come out at 3:00pm to take in the musical and dramatic talents of our students, stay at 4:00pm to get into a bidding war, and purchase bbq and refreshment at 5:00pm for the family.   It promises to be an wonderful afternoon, celebrating what God has done, listening to his message, and supporting our school ministry as it moves towards it’s tenth year!

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See everyone there!


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