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Foundation is Turning 10!

Foundation is Turning 10!

Foundation is Turning 10!

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Is God not incredible?  Is He not the king of kings and lord of lords?  Is He not worthy of constant praise and adoration?  No matter our present situation, the answer is most certainly a resounding ‘YES!’  There is no thing that gives Him worth, not one aspect of creation that makes Him great – it is simply by virtue of His very nature.  It is His holiness, it is who He is.  He is worthy.  He is great.  He is king.

While nothing in creation infuses worth into God, it certainly testifies to his awesomeness.  While no act of God makes Him holy, His actions reflect his holy nature.  This year, we are turning 10 as a school.  God is great with or without 10 amazing years at Foundation Christian School.  However, 10 years of this school, His school, certainly are a testimony to how powerful, and faithful, our God is.  We really do have 10 000 reasons (more really) to praise Him!

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