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Foundation: A School of Prayer

Foundation: A School of Prayer

Foundation: A School of Prayer

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Foundation Christian School a Place of PrayerRecently at my church we had a series entitled “The School of Prayer.”  Having been asked to give one of the messages in the series, I felt a real burden to examine my own prayer life.  If I am to speak to God’s people on the topic, I should first seek God on it in my own life.

As I embraced the difficult process of asking God what He thinks of my prayer life (ironically, through prayer), I realized two things.  One, that I really believed prayer to be CENTRAL to the Christian walk.  Two, I felt my prayer life wasn’t as robust as it should be.  It turned out I wasn’t alone.  Having surveyed my own congregation, I found out that 100% people believed prayer to be central to the Christian walk, and about 85% of people felt their prayer life was lacking.

Staggering statistics really.  Most of us feel a deficit in a spiritual discipline we also feel is of highest importance to our faith.  My thoughts are now on the children of Foundation.  How can we implant in them an earnestness for prayer?  How can we support them now in their most formative years, so that they become lifelong ‘pray-ers’ as much as lifelong learners?

I realized quickly how important the prayer-education we already offer, is.  That students pray for one another and their community.  That they track those prayers and give thanks when they are answered.  That they ask God to give them words of encouragement for one another, and then actively share them.  That they pray in times of worship.  They pray in the morning, and when they go home.  That they see the staff pray.  That prayer is modeled for them all day.  That we pray, that they would pray, without ceasing.

My encouragement to parents: Take the time to pray with your kids.  Take the time to pray for your kids.  Take the time to pray in solitude, but make sure your kids catch you praying every so often.  The impact on their lives will be immeasurable.



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