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God created creativity, and it was good.

God created creativity, and it was good.

God created creativity, and it was good.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

It is widely accepted that producing art contributes positively to cognitive function – that somehow painting or making music, could in some way make you ‘smarter’.   While this has been widely believed, the scientific literature on the topic has at times been vague at best in attributing better brain power to making art.  A few years ago a study comparing brain activity between adults who created works of art and those who simply studied works of art took us a step closer to closing this attribution gap.

It’s something we all sense innately to be true: creating is good for us.  This study specifically outlined a few of the many ways this truth manifests.  According to the research creating art can lead to improvements in cognitive function and problem solving abilities, stress relief and emotional well-being, personal expression, and psychological resilience and the capacity to recall information and memory processing.  It seems doing art – being actively creative – makes us cognitively better-off.  Actively creating can help us in our study of math, science, and language.  Go figure.

Of course this shouldn’t, and probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  After all, God created us in His image.  He is creative, and creating is good.  It isn’t a stretch to think that when we create as God intended us to, the results are good.  It’s why I am so supportive of our strong visual arts and music programs at Foundation Christian School.  Seeing students engage their creative side, and develop stronger toolkits of creative skills to employ in their creative works, gets me excited!  Their creative works have the fingerprints of God on them, and cognitive benefits to boot!


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