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God Stories and 10 Years of Foundation

God Stories and 10 Years of Foundation

God Stories and 10 Years of Foundation

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

One of great things about my job is the wonderful stories people tell me about what God is up to around the school.  This past Friday we celebrated 10 years of God stories, as we gathered as wider school community past and present.  They are God stories, because He is the one that makes all of this possible, not us.

I wanted to script a summary of that event for you, but instead I think it’s appropriate to simply share a letter I received after the event from a member of our wider school family. Here it is in it’s entirety:

Hi Matt!

That was one AWESOME party!!  Perfect weather, good food, great fun and super amazing fellowship…and as always, unbelievably well organized!! 

The most challenging game for me was playing “name that face” made especially difficult by the beautiful artwork of the face painters, but it was truly a wonderful experience to reconnect with my own former students (and quite a number of their parents, too! ) as well as with the many that I have taught as supply teacher (even got a couple of very wet hugs from Casey and Layla!).

I think I pretty much managed to meet with and talk to all the students I’ve ever taught over the years (particularly the earlier ones). Besides all the kids in varying grades still in high school,  I also heard about college and university courses being taken to pursue careers in actuarial sciences at Western, history at Guelph to become a teacher,  health sciences at Laurier to become a vet, legal and global studies at Carleton (off to India with Free the Children later this summer), computer sciences at Waterloo, applied technologies and health and fitness at Conestoga College, etc. (this is evidence enough to dispel any fears that  a small private school could hinder a student’s potential to pursue their dreams). Though most of our past students are still pursuing further studies,  one of our  first year grads is finished and  currently working with a theatrical production on a cruise ship till October. 

I also met one ‘new to me’ Mom who raved on and on about FCS. As I understood it from her, her daughter  started last year, apparently a with minimal reading skills, having totally caught up to her grade level skills; AND, the Mom averred,  that her current teacher was surprised to learn that her daughter ever had trouble. Over the years of talking to parents, she is just another in a long list (including Terry and me) who’ve said similar things about the transformation (educationally or otherwise)  they’ve seen in their kids once they came to FCS, whether they come for all their elementary schooling years or just a few, the influences and changes are long-lasting/life-lasting (and so are the friendships and relationships made here). 

When I reflect back on the truly humble beginnings of FCS with 37 students enrolled that first year and all the challenges we had: buckets in halls and classrooms to catch the ever changing presence of roof leaks each time it rained (it was a cold, rainy fall – how could I forget! I did almost all the outdoor supervision that first year!!), students and teachers alike wearing winter coats for weeks till the faulty furnace could be replaced, flooding in the basement and the continual issues around drinking the water out of taps and fountains till the plumbing was changed (those were the bigger ones, there were myriads of smaller problems!!)…it’s amazing we even continued beyond the first year!! It speaks to the tenacity of staff, students and supporting families. But mostly it speaks to God’s will, blessing and provision.

It’s wonderful to see how FCS continues to blossom under your leadership, Matt, and the great work you and all the staff and new families are doing.  

I know this event took a LOT of planning and extra hours in an already busy schedule for all those involved, but it surely was an amazing time and too short to get in all the visiting!!  (Next big anniversary may just have to be a full weekend! ).

Many, many MANY thanks to you and all the rest of FCS …. Best Wishes for a wonderful and relaxing summer!!


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