'My child loves to learn!'

There is a story in the Bible where God provides for His people exactly what they need, day by day. No more, no less. You may know it as the manna story. Well Foundation Christian School also has a manna story. God brought us everything we needed just at the right time, not a moment too soon.

Years, ago a group of people were given a vision to start a Christian school without a denomination. In May of that year, when all the conditions seemed right, the Lord asked this group of people to step out in faith and create a school – His school.

Traditionally, it takes approximately 2 years to start a private Christian school. But the Foundation team had a fraction of that time. His answer… they had two months! And with God all things are possible.

From May to June this extraordinary group of ordinary people met every few days sometimes for 4-6 hours at a time to put together a plan which included having a JK-grade 8 school with 75 students, a full staff, in a school setting in K-W, for September.  A monumental plan that came together inch by inch, day be day, by the grace of God.

The local public school Board had 3 schools for sale – one of which was Winterbourne.  But it was felt that this was too far. They called churches, colleges, universities, Realtors, builders, developers, business people, mayors and the region. Everyone provided leads and the team followed-up on each one.

Along the way a man from the local college told the group that while he didn’t have a building for them, he would furnish the school with tables and chairs. This was an amazing offer and sign of hope. Foundation didn’t have a building but the school had furniture!

A day later someone phoned and offered to provide all the computers for the school. Two days later word was received that all the printers would also be provided.

These confirmations lead the Foundation team to believe that the God of detail was saying, ‘Don’t worry about the building. I’m providing everything for you. Trust me!”  The team learned that God truly cares about the little things, and He doesn’t always work the same way we do.

Then the planning team  received a call that changed everything.

A developer we had contacted earlier called and said, ‘What if I buy Winterbourne Public School for you, renovate it and lease it back to you?

If that wasn’t a gift from God – I don’t know what is!

The interesting part about this is that this was clearly God’s plan right from the start. Winterbourne was presented to the team during the first phone call that was made. But they wanted to be in the city – God wanted Foundation to be here!

Many families formed a bond in Christ when they came together to scrub, clean, paint, tear down and build up – something that would happen daily for the next 6 weeks. God is good!

The miracles at Foundation Christian School continued.

Once the community learned of our arrival the visitors were endless. People we didn’t know stopped and sowed seeds into this work of the Lord, through their time, treasures and talents.

As word got out, donations started to pour in. The blessings were truly a miracle. Almost everything in this school was donated. Thousands of dollars of building materials, carpet, flooring, paint, pianos, teacher’s desks, chairs, toilets and even toilet seats.

Some people might try to explain all of this. We just thank God daily for our manna.

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On opening day, Pastor Doug Kranz noted you’d have to be blind to miss God in all of this. People are
not blind. They say that it is clear there is something big going on here, something spiritual.
Something none of us can imagine. In fact we rejoice that many people say that they can
sense the presence of God in this school.

So we pray that God will continue to reveal His plan to us. We know He has laid this school on the hearts
of those He wishes to be involved. He is using believers and non-believers alike to accomplish His work.
He loves the children and this is a place where they will be prepared to go forward and do His work, and He will ensure they are prepared.