'My child loves to learn!'

Take the First Step

Congratulations! Your decision to pursue an education with Foundation Christian School is a great start for your child or children. We hope you feel welcomed, valued and empowered by the relationships we will build together. This is a special place for you and your children – where friendship and faith meet.


7D1_0533Get to Know Us!

You and your family are encouraged to book a tour and let us show your our school! Attend one of our many functions, events, an Open House or simply drop in for a tour while classes are in session. We also encourage you to have your child visit a classroom. This is the best way for your child to meet the teachers and be included in the regular activities at Foundation.

Meet the Headmaster

Matthew Robinson, our Headmaster, would love to meet with your family to discuss whether or not Foundation Christian School is right for you. After talking with Mr. Robinson, both you and the school administration will discuss and pray about enrolment for your child.

Join Our Family

When you decide Foundation is a great place for your children and they are accepted into classes with us, we’ll send you a package that includes everything you need to know about us and all the information we need to know about your family. It’s the first step in a caring relationship between Foundation Christian School and your family.

Contact us for more information about admissions at admin@foundationchristianschool.com