'My child loves to learn!'

We Offer Before and After School Care!

  • Before School Care: available from 8:00am-8:45am
  • After School Care: is available from 4:00-5:00 pm (there is no charge for supervision from 3:30-4:00)
  • Care is offered as a service to parents whose schedules may not allow for regular drop off and pick up times within school hours. It is appreciated if parents/guardians are able to call or email the office in advance if students will be attending care; however, care is always available on short or no notice.
  • Simply show up and sign your child into Before School Care, or sign them out of After School Care.
  • A fee applies for this service. In the case of carpooling, the family making the drop off or pick-up will be charged.
  • When students are signed into Before or After School Care because a parent or guardian is involved in a volunteer role or school committee meeting at the school, no charge will apply.
  • Students in after school clubs or activities can join the after school care program when they are finished.