'My child loves to learn!'

A Community of Support – Fundraising
for Foundation Christian School

At Foundation, we’re so grateful for the generosity of our students, their families and the community around us. If you would like to support Foundation Christian School and impact the lives of our students, please consider any one of the fundraising options below. Or, be creative and try something different! We’re always happy to hear the new and exciting ways people are sharing and supporting Foundation Christian School.

Campbell’s Soup labels

When you finish a can of Campbell’s Soup, please slice the label along the seam, remove the entire label and lay it flat (don’t roll or staple them, please) in a bag for submission to the school. Campbell’s provides all kinds of great products for non-profit organizations in exchange for soup labels. See www.labelsforeducation.ca for a full list of accepted product labels.

Elmira Chicken Orders

Reading Rocks Read-a-Thon

Contact us for more information about fundraising at admin@foundationchristianschool.com