'My child loves to learn!'

Choose the Solid Foundation

This school is more than just an institution of excellent learning, Foundation is about family. Together we encourage each other to show Christ-like compassion and caring in the classroom and the community.

Walking down the halls of Foundation, children are greeted with familiar faces – everyone knows everyone else’s name. On the playground, the divisions of age and grade disappear as the older children play alongside the younger ones.

Teachers at Foundation are all certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and have experience in teaching beyond the provincial standards in ways that are understandable and engaging for the students. They get to know how your child learns best and adapts their lessons accordingly while encouraging your child to explore new things.

We understand that learning needs to be fun! Active bodies develop healthy minds. We cannot separate play and work. We encourage team sports, individual skills and healthy lifestyle sports.

Music, art, drama and a Bible-based curriculum are woven together seamlessly to create an exciting experience that helps your child to share their God-given talents every day.

Get to know our family! Learn more about us, then decide if Foundation is the place for you. We’d love to have you!