'My child loves to learn!'

You’re in Good Hands

7D1_0583All teachers at Foundation Christian School are fully accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (meet our staff). In addition to the faith standards we all adhere to, our teachers are professionally bound to follow the Ministry’s Ethical Standards. Every day, our teachers proudly go above and beyond the requirements set out by the province.

The Ethical Standards for Ontario Teachers:


The ethical standard of Care includes compassion, acceptance, interest and insight for developing students’ potential. Members express their commitment to students’ well-being and learning through positive influence, professional judgment and empathy in practice.


Intrinsic to the ethical standard of Respect are trust and fair-mindedness. Teachers honour human dignity, emotional wellness and cognitive development. In their professional practice, they model respect for cultural values, social justice, confidentiality, freedom, democracy and the environment.


The ethical standard of Trust embodies fairness, openness and honesty. Teachers’ professional relationships with students, colleagues, parents, guardians and the public are based on trust.


Honesty, reliability and moral action are embodied in the ethical standard of Integrity. Continual reflection assists teachers in exercising integrity in their professional commitments and responsibilities.