Winterbourne, ON

Winterbourne, ON



We are proud of the academic excellence and the high achievement of our students.  Science, math, and language arts form the basis of our education program.  But we are much broader and holistic in our approach because we know God is working in every aspect of a child’s life.

Our curriculum builds on and modifies the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.  However, our approach to teaching provides a consistent and scaffolded learning environment for students.  In addition to the recommended curriculum, students at Foundation have many academic advantages:

  • Christian education is a core component of our school’s learning agenda. This includes dedicated Bible classes and learning within everyday activities and classroom work. Download our Christian Education Framework to glimpse our vision for these classes and how they connect with the rest of life and learning.
  • French classes begin in Junior Kindergarten.
  • All students can participate in musicals and extra-curricular activities. Music classes begins in grade 1. Foundation makes it possible for students to take private music lessons at school during school hours.
  • Art is integrated into the curriculum for all students. Visual and technological art are important in a holistic learning environment. Our art instructor is a fine arts graduate and is involved in many creative activities at the school.
  • Physical education is an integral part of our overall program. Good minds develop when our bodies are active and healthy. We take physical activity seriously, encouraging all children to engage in non-competitive and competitive environments.
  • The curriculum for grade 7 and 8 students includes a business class that helps prepare students for high school.

We offer everyday Kindergarten. Our core Kindergarten program will continue to run Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Families can opt in to the enrichment program on Tuesday/Thursday.

The 3 day core program will still cover our regular curriculum:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • French
  • Phys Ed
  • Science and Tech
  • Arts
  • Social/Behavioural
  • Christian Ed

Our 5 day kindergarten enrichment program focuses on enhancing the core curriculum. An integrated arts and science program with an outdoor emphasis helps deepen learning.  Children enrolled in the kindergarten enrichment program can expect to find their math lesson brought to life on short nature walks.  They will see their science lesson from another angle on a field trip to a farm or a museum. They will connect craft with language and literacy.  They will find their directed and structured learning further complemented with activity centres and of course free play.

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We are broad and holistic in our approach because we know God is working in every aspect of a child's life.