Winterbourne, ON


Foundation students excel in learning.  Providing them a quality learning opportunity is central to our mission.  At Foundation, we value growth for each student in their academic program.  We want our kids to understand the tools of learning, and to develop a thirst for it.  We want them to have the knowledge they need to move into high school and beyond, but also the habits, skills, and tools.

Our academic program is consistent, building from year to year.  Students have clarity in their learning and expectations, which allows them to flourish.  Learning is more engaging when there is consistency in the program.  We measure growth so learning is demonstrable to the students.  Our students are engaged in their learning, and growing in confidence.

With the Ontario curriculum as a starting point, we have adapted and built on to those expectations.  We know our students are on track because they are highly engaged in learning.  We know they are on track because after arriving at our school they say things like, “I finally feel like I am learning and can succeed.”  We know they are on track because they come back and tell us they were well prepared after they graduate.  We know they are on track because we measure their progress.

The heart of our academic program is consistency.  We are consistent in pedagogy.  We are consistent in curriculum.  We are consistent in our school day.  We are consistent in employing gifted teachers.  Quality academics begin with gifted and caring teachers flourishing in their teaching gifts.

One support we use to ensure we are on track is MAP® Growth™. This is a dynamic assessment tool students engage with 2-3 times per year.  It is an adaptive assessment, and individualized for each student.  It helps teachers track growth in learning, and find any areas that need extra attention.

We know our students are on track because they are highly engaged in learning.