Winterbourne, ON

Winterbourne, ON

Considering Foundation?
Why Foundation

Why Foundation?

Foundation Christian School is about excellent learning, and it’s about the wider Christian family.  We encourage one another to show Christlike compassion and caring in the classroom and the community. We celebrate the unique story God is writing in the lives of each child.

Some have asked why they should consider Foundation Christian School? The answer should of course begin with your prayerful consideration before the Lord. We never want to compel families to come. We want families to enroll because of the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

With that as a starting point, here are five things that families say they celebrate about our school:

1. It is Christian

And this is important! Education is the purposeful shaping of minds. It has intention. Education at Foundation has a Christian intention. While we acquire knowledge, we also seek to acquire Godly wisdom. As we learn about the world, we also learn about the God who made it all. And as we see the brokenness in the world, and in our own relationships, we also experience the redemptive grace of Jesus and the beauty of the gospel! We study all the subjects, including scripture, and see Christ as the author of it all.

2. It supports parents

The education of children is the responsibility of parents. Our ministry is in partnership with parents in this God given task. We want parents on board! Learning is deeper, and school cultures more effective, when parents are involved. We are a very communicative school. Teachers are happy to chat after school, classes have websites, and weekly updates and school events keep us all connected. We want to know your perspectives on how your child is doing, and we want to work together to see your child grow and learn. Together we reinforce learning, values, and faith.

3. Kids love it! (because it is safe and nurturing)

Our kids are our best ambassadors. Our students love their school! They feel safe and welcome. They grow deep friendships. They are not only part of a class, but part of a wider school family. Many students overcome obstacles in their learning when they enroll because they are safe and supported. Students find success in learning, which grows their confidence. They have a lot of fun, too.

4. It has a biblical goal in mind

All education has an end goal. At Foundation our goal is to provide a firm foundation for life. That starts with discipleship in Jesus Christ. Our students become confident learners, and are well prepared for high school. But, they are also well prepared to walk forward in relationship with Christ. In their life all the knowledge and skills they acquire can be for His glory and their joy. At Foundation education is more than words and numbers, it is about coming alive in Christ and learning from His perspective.

5. Kids are supported in learning and well prepared

Our kids are awesome learners! We give each student a challenging curriculum, and have high engagement levels. We know they are learning well because of what our alumni tell us after they move forward into high schools, universities, and work. We know because of what students and parents tell us when they are still in school. We also know because we use MAP to measure their progress. This tool helps us set individual goals with students, and track growth in their learning. It gives us a glimpse into their unique learning growth compared to their peers in Ontario and the rest of North America. We are not surprised at our students' progress. Our teachers are here because they are called by God to support and challenge kids in faith and learning.

Our families partner with Foundation in educating their children for a reason.  Walking down the halls of Foundation, children are greeted with familiar faces – everyone knows everyone else’s name. On the playground the divisions of age and grade disappear, with older children playing alongside younger ones.

We understand that learning needs to be fun! Active bodies develop healthy minds. We cannot separate play and work. We encourage team sports, individual skills and healthy lifestyle sports.

Music, art, drama, phys-ed, and Bible-based curriculum are all given their proper attention.  Each subject area has well developed curriculum, and specialist teachers.  Our children receive an exciting experience that helps them share their God-given talents every day.

We would be happy to help you decide if Foundation should be part of your family’s story.  We’d love to have you as part of our school community!