Winterbourne, ON

Winterbourne, ON


Faith in Christ permeates all that we do.  Our children are immersed in bible classes each week. At weekly school wide worship gatherings children assist in leading the worship and prayer.  On some weeks students may even share the message.  Our school days begin in each class with devotions, and prayer for one another.  This is essential to building a caring Christian community. 

The gospel, and the theme of redemption, is central in our learning, and our relationships.   It becomes the hope in our conflicts, as students learn the meaning of forgiveness and grace.  It is all part of our Christian Education Framework, which shapes learning at Foundation Christian School.  

As a school community our desire is to build our lives on the Foundation of Jesus Christ.  To that end our staff gather daily to pray for one another, for our school, and for our families and children.

As a community of believers, we hold to the Truths found in scripture.  We desire God, and are passionate about the Gospel that is Jesus Christ and the salvation that comes through Him.  His grace is evident in the lives of teaching staff and administration.  His name is boldly and unashamedly proclaimed in the school.  Foundation Christian School is a ministry, and we seek to worship God by stewarding it well. 

Our school is built on the word of God, as we always look towards our Lord and Saviour. We recognize that the Church is diverse and focus on our core beliefs underpinned by our Statement of Faith, on the basis that our school community represents a cross section of God’s children.

While recognizing the diversity in God’s Church, Foundation Christian School is founded upon and is guided by our Statement of Faith.  Our families, members of our teaching staff and administration hold it to be true.  It is the basis upon which they model their service to the school.

Ultimately we believe that salvation is a gift from God, and we share this good news with our children.  We encourage them in their relationship with Him who loves them best.

The gospel, and the theme of redemption, is central in our learning and our relationships.