Winterbourne, ON

Giving to the Mission

Giving to the Mission

Foundation Christian School receives no government funding.  We rely on donors to help us accomplish our mission of nurturing academic excellence and Christlike character in each student.  We connect learning to life in Christ.  Our graduates have had the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and be well prepared for the next chapter of their life.  We want to see them step out of our school, and into what’s next, prepared and walking with Jesus.  Without generous givers, this cannot happen. 

Our general fund helps us ensure we can pay our bills, and keep our doors open.  Every gift helps, and monthly donations help us plan wisely.  Giving to the general fund may not be flashy, but it helps us keep the lights on and the learning happening!

Our tuition assistance fund helps us make Christian education more accessible for families who would not be able to afford it.  Families make a bursary application and are provided any available tuition assistance funds based on their verified level of need.

Our building fund is of tremendous importance to us!  We are blessed with 7 acres of land, but we are running out of square footage for students!  We are praying and seeking the Lord for founding partners to help us add space to our thriving school so more can attend.

Our endowment fund is an audacious dream!  We are praying for, one day, $5 million dollars in endowment funds.  The interest on this fund could ensure that Christian education at Foundation remains affordable for everyone in the long term!  Please reach out if helping to fund this endowment is of interest to you.

Our legacy fund is built from legacy and larger estate gifts.  We are so blessed when people see the value of including our school ministry in their wills and insurance policies.  These planned gifts can be directed in different ways.  We are happy to discuss this with you further.